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driving instructor lessons

driver instructor jobs perth, wa

Become Driving Instructor in 2017 in Perth Western Australia

Thinking of changing your career or contemplating on finding out more details?

Please contact us for a Free Consultation 

We are looking for enthusiastic, friendly, well mannered and patient men and women between 21 and 75 years of age to join our team on casual or part time basis (commission based income). We can provide comprehensive training and organize all relevant steps towards obtaining your required Driving Instructors Qualifications. Conditions apply.


Successful Applicants will have:


  • Friendly character 

  • Excellent interpersonal skills

  • Sound knowledge of road rules

  • Understanding of learners needs

  • Dedication to professional development

  • Current Western Australian driver's

  • licence held for a minimum of three continuous years,

  • without any pending issues such as a cancellation,

  • disqualification or suspension


Applicants will have to obtain the following:


  • Current National Police Clearance

  • Working with Children Government Approval

  • Current Western Australian Traffic Convictions Certificate

  • Current Western Australian Infringement and Demerit Points Certificate


Contact Steve on 0411 115 393  for a confidential, no obigation Free Consultation

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