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Driver Training, Driving Courses Perth

Welcome to Auto and Manual Driving School, driver training you will never regret taking. Structured driving courses with proven results. Learning to drive in a place like Perth is critical for young people wanting to be independent and to have their freedom that Driver's Licence provides. More importantly, choosing Auto and Manual Driving School WA will make the world of difference in effectiveness and time duration needed to become a good and safe driver. So, do your homework before appointing a driving school. Avoid booking the cheapest driving instructor as there is the reason they are the cheapest. Learning how to drive and remaining safe driver for many decades to come is the most valuable investment you will ever make. Hire experts today!

Driving Practice For Beginners​


Learn Driving with confidence


After obtaining a learners permit, it is recommended that learner drivers without any road experience have at least a few hours with a qualified driving instructor. We recommend this to prevent risks and any miscommunication with the non-professional supervisor who does not have a vehicle with dual controls. The safety is our paramount. Risking lives to save a few dollars is not a wise thing to undertake. First driving lessons are very important as that is the time when we cover all the basics. We cover safe techniques of operating a motor vehicle and convey all the necessary criteria. Learning to drive with career driving instructors versus inexperienced and unreliable drivers and teachers makes the world of difference to the efficiency of gaining skills to drive safely and competently. Doing shortcuts when it comes to learning how to drive can prove to be very costly in the long run, let alone failing to understand simple fundamentals which can't be overlooked under no circumstances. Save hundreds if not thosands of dollars by appointing an experienced and highly knowledgeable driving teacher.

Cheap Driving Lessons


Looking for a cheap way of how to learn to become a driver? A driver who is able to handle a motor vehicle safely and in a reasonable manner every time you're behind the wheel? It is like having a heart problem and contemplating going to Bali to see if there is a cheap Heart Specialist who can help. Get serious and look at the potential implications.


There are no identical situations when you are behind a wheel. it would be risky to gain the false sense of confidence without enough quality supervised driving. Please understand that we are constantly only seconds away from a potential disaster when driving a car. Yes, only seconds from a disaster. Our driving instructors have knowledge and experience to share their skills. At Auto and Manual Driving School we thoroughly explain all the risks associated with driving and demonstrate various examples during your driver training. Most importantly, our driving test pass rate is highest in Perth. So, give us a call or book online.

Driving Test Perth Metropolitan Area


We will familiarize you with the process of particulars required to complete when doing a PDA. In our practice, a comprehensive Mock PDA test is a part of the well-established routine. Not many learner drivers fail with us because we communicate and teach productively. Our powerful teaching methods are second to none. Try us out and experience the difference. We can organize a test booking for you in any Licensing Centre of your choice within the Perth Metropolitan area (our students only). Also, we can find you a test date that suits you as we may have clients who want to postpone their bookings. We can simply swap any two bookings. Please feel free to call us for driving lessons and PDA bookings. Auto or manual quality tuition seven days a week. We are accurate with estimating the number of lessons our students need. So, we strongly recommend that you take our advice. If you have any questions about driver training, road rules and regulations, call us for a complimentary advice.

Manual Licence vs Automatic Licence

Auto or a Manual? 

The decision is yours. It generally depends on a number of factors such as your budget, the reason for wanting a manual over an automatic. Also, the individual capability to multitask or even if your prospective employer demands a manual licence can be factors. For a beginner learner driver, it will take much longer to master the skill to drive a manual car than an automatic due to its difficulty. The vehicle management (clutch control, gear selection and timing) are the particulars that make learning a manual much more complexed. We promise that we will be honest with our estimate of the required amount of hours that we recommend to every one of our clients. You can rely on our opinion, it has worked for many thousands of others. Book us today!

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